Keepsake Urns

Consider Keepsake Urns for Members of the Family

We offer keepsakes, many of which complement our selection of urns. Keepsake urns are often a miniature copy of the chosen urn. In other words, a personal version that may include the ashes of the deceased.

Understand that keepsake urns are containers intended to receive relics, i.e. the ashes of the deceased. In the past, reliquaries contained the body, a part of the body, a piece of clothing or an object that belonged to a saint. The keepsake urn could take the form of a coffin, a box, a vial, an ampoule or a capsule to preserve the ashes.

In today’s funeral context, keepsakes are miniature versions of the chosen urn, it is in fact a piece of jewelry that serves to hold a portion of the ashes of the deceased. It is possible to place a lock of hair or a piece of cloth from the deceased’s favourite garment in the reliquary; ask your consultant to agree on the number of reliquaries desired and certainly on the contents to include. We also have jewels at your disposal to hold a portion of the deceased’s ashes.


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